About Virtual Image

Internet Marketing Division for Your Business

Virtual Image is an Internet Marketing firm specializing in comprehensive Web Site development.

Providing not only professional web site design, but complete web marketing support, the team at Virtual Image is available all day, every business day, to ensure you receive the support and help you need.

Acting as the Internet marketing division for your business, Virtual Image will provide the Internet market research, design, development, promotion and hosting necessary for a complete Internet presence.

Why Virtual Image?

Service is our background our strength and our guarantee. Virtual Image approaches web site design from a full marketing perspective. A Web site is built not only with aesthetics in mind but with your ultimate business goal at the forefront. Internet marketing research targets your specific online market and delivers a site with focus on your audience.

Who We Are

We are a specialized team with combined marketing and sales experience of over 50 years, and more than 40 years combined Internet, Web Site Design and Internet Marketing experience.

What We Do

We develop professional "Internet Campaigns" for our clients based on their unique goals. From the conception of the site content, graphics and design, to on going maintenance and promotion. We achieve short and long term Internet marketing goals through "proper" Internet promotion. Virtual Image offers complete & knowledgeable expertise.

As with any advertising medium, appearance, completeness and readability are critical. The site must flow logically and relevantly from page to page and link to link to facilitate ease and speed of finding the information desired.

When Will the Development Take Place?

  • Step 1: Initial consultation takes place within one week of contact
  • Step 2: Guaranteed* cost estimate within one week of consultation
  • Step 3: Site draft and navigation plan within one week of contract acceptance
  • Step 4: Site development at a rate of no less than 3 pages per week
  • Step 5: Site development completion within 1 week of estimate
  • Step 6: Site Promotion complete within 1 week of design completion and final editing
  • Step 7: Ongoing site promotion and maintenance monthly (if contracted)

Where We Work

Our office is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 45 min. from Toronto. Consultations optimally take place at the clients place of business to gain the best information and feel for your web presence. Consultation & meetings can also be scheduled at our facilities in Hamilton; 2 minutes from hwy #403 if clients prefer.

How We Work

Acting as your Internet marketing division, we make your Internet image our concern by easing your personnel's time. We take on your "Internet Image" as an extension of your business. Where you still have full control and final say, we leave you and your people free to concentrate on your daily business without the added responsibility of Internet development.

How Much Will You Pay

As unique as every business, every marketing budget and every Internet presence desired, are the costs attributed to the specific Internet promotion. Knowing that a business needs to know full well what the development and promotion will cost in order to set a budget, sales targets, ROI in place, Virtual Image fully guarantees your cost estimate after consultation and contract acceptance.

Want to see how Virtual Image can help you get results?