About Virtual Image

Digital Marketing for Your Business

Based in Hamilton, Virtual Image is a Digital Marketing Agency focused on all aspects of web design and online marketing.

Acting as the digital marketing division for your business, we will provide the market research, design, development, promotion and hosting necessary for a well-rounded presence.

Why Virtual Image?

Virtual Image approaches all projects from a full online marketing perspective. All websites are built not only with aesthetics and intuitiveness in mind but with your ultimate business goal at the forefront.

Who We Are

Founded in Hamilton in 1995, Virtual Image has helped hundreds of businesses grow by using the industries best practices and marketing strategies.

From humble beginnings we have grown into a company employing a variety of complimentary talents, creating a single source for business owners to turn to for honest and transparent advice.

What We Do

Virtual Image provides professional web design, hosting, SEO and PPC services for our clients based on their unique goals and desires. We also offer copy writing, video and photography services along with ongoing maintenance and monthly promotions.

When Will the Development Take Place?

  • Step 1: Initial consultation takes place within one week of contact
  • Step 2: Guaranteed* cost estimate within one week of consultation
  • Step 3: Site draft and navigation plan within one week of contract acceptance
  • Step 4: Site development at a rate of no less than 10 pages per week
  • Step 5: Site development completion within 1 week of estimate
  • Step 6: Site Promotion complete within 1 week of design completion and final editing
  • Step 7: Ongoing site promotion and maintenance monthly (if contracted)

Where We Work

Our office is located at 453 King Street West in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, just 45 min. from Toronto. Consultations optimally take place at the client’s place of business to help us gain the best information and feel for your company. Alternately, consultation & meetings can also be had at our offices in Hamilton. We offer a comfortable stimulating atmosphere, dedicated meeting area and hot coffee all day.

How We Work

Acting as yourdigital marketing division, Virtual Image makes your web efforts our concern. Our team members are available to meet monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually to work with you to ensure your online presence is current, relevant and the best it can be.

If you preference is to update your website and digital marketing in-house, Virtual Image will work with your team to provide the support and help as desired.

How Much Will You Pay

As unique as your business, so too are the costs associated with digital marketing. Competition often dictates what is required to compete successfully in search engines. Geographical catchment, customer demographics and product or service offerings all have an effect on what is required to compete and therefor the cost to do so.

Understanding that business owners must understand the costs of website design and digital marketing in order to set a budget, sales targets, ROI, Virtual Image fully guarantees your cost estimate after consultation and contract acceptance.

Want to see how Virtual Image can help you get results?