whatsapp for business

Whatsapp is currently the most popular instant messaging app in the world, with 2 billion users worldwide. Not only that, but it’s the third most popular social media service, falling right behind Facebook and YouTube. Since Whatsapp is so widely used around the world, it makes sense to target the users of the service. WhatsApp has encouraged businesses to take advantage of their platform by creating a separate application specifically for this method. 


As your business grows, any business owner should expect a more compact schedule. Responding to customers personally will be nearly impossible as time goes on. To counter this, the Whatsapp business app has developed many different ways to save you time in responding to customers. The reason as to why this is crucial for your business, is because customer satisfaction reflects on the quality of your service. If your customers were to be dissatisfied with your service, poor reviews would result in a tarnished reputation. It may turn away new potential customers, thus hurting the company’s growth.

The Quick replies feature serves the purpose of having you respond to frequently asked questions using message templates. This way, you have the ability to reuse responses for messages that you’ve already answered without having to type a completely personalized response. The Automated messaging feature gives your account the ability to respond to consumers that message you when you aren’t available. It can also be used as a greeting message for when a  consumer is to purchase a product, or register to one of your services. You can use the Labels feature to organise your contacts, as well as separate customer messages based on relevance and importance. By doing so, you would then have the ability to respond to urgent matters before doing so towards minor ones. Of course personalised answers are still an option, in case the customer’s question demands it.


Even though the Whatsapp business app improves customer service efficiency, messaging customers your offers regarding purchases is an unorganized form of advertising. This is why the catalog feature exists. Its sole purpose is to showcase your goods and services on a separate page. You can add all the information you need such as a product’s price and description. Not only that, but it minimizes the use of manual customer service messaging, as customers now have less questions regarding your product. 

Communicate with Colleagues and Employees

The Whatsapp business app can also be used to message your co-workers, employees, and managers. Full documents and PDFs can be sent using this application. It’s a great option for video calls, as it can directly be distributed through your computer. 

Using WhatsApp to grow your business is a great strategy for gaining traction, and retaining customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the Virtual Image team today.