When it comes to growing your online business, there are 2 common marketing strategies that are used in the industry. The first being SEO, while the second being paid search. While they may seem similar on the surface level, there are some major differences between the two strategies. Here are a few reasons as to why paid search is a better option than SEO.

Paid Search Ads are found at the top of the page

The most obvious difference between the two would have to be that paid ads are found at the top of the results page. Before scrolling down, there are ideally 4 results shown on desktops, and 3 results for mobile devices. This means that regardless of the device being used, paid ads will be visible to the viewer. If your site is influenced by SEO, it will appear beneath the paid search results regardless of the traffic. Using SEO runs the risk of having your site lose visibility on the results page prior to scrolling. The potential consumer will be exposed to the paid result first, which is why it’s the preferable option.

Paid Search can use Visual Shopping Ads

When using paid search, Google gives the option of visual shopping ads. These can help the viewer see exactly what they’re clicking on before going through with it. Since this strategy is done via advertising, it isn’t possible using regular SEO means. This strategy also helps your company maintain a better CTR (click through rate). If you’ve decided to use PPC (pay per click) ads, it’s important to have a high CTR. This is because it directly affects the quality scores, which is how the Google Ads algorithm determines how much the advertiser will pay for each click.

Paid Search can be Controlled

When dealing with SEO marketing, your results are greatly influenced by the Google Algorithm. This results in a more challenging experience when trying to control your marketing. With paid advertising, your performance is entirely based on your budget. Google algorithm updates have no control over paid search ads. The advertisements you set up will appear exactly how you’ve set them up. Overall, it’s a more reliable method for gaining traffic on the web.

While SEO definitely has its benefits, paid search is overall a much more decisive method in the digital marketing industry. If paid search is what you choose to invest in, your results will not disappoint you. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the Virtual Image team today.