A strategic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy is the driving force for a successful website. While influencing a customer to purchase your product can be challenging, it is just as important to increase the
exposure of your brand to your market. We will be going over 3 different tips for improving your SEO strategy.

Choose Your Keywords With Caution

A great way to increase traffic towards your site is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Think about what they would search on their search bar and work your way backwards in order to find the appropriate keywords to use. For example, if your company sells computers, the customer is most likely looking for a replacement. Using keywords such as “new” “computer” and “sale”, are likely to increase traction to your site. Using these keywords in a header is a no-brainer, but a great way to insert them is to discreetly include them all throughout the website.

Consider Q&A Phrases

Something customers tend to do when using a search engine is typing their needs in the form of a question. When a question is asked on google, the answer is usually provided in a panel at the top of the page. This proves just how important it is to consider the format used by the customer. A great way to better match your website’s keywords with the search engine is to include headers in the form of a question. Another way to do so is to include a Q&A page. Both of these solutions are likely to increase the traction of your site.

Make Sure Content is High Quality

Another important SEO tip is making sure the quality of your site is up to par with the competition. If your site tends to reuse the same keywords over and over without thought, the search engine is likely to hurt the overall performance. Not only will this drive your site away from the front page, but it is also important to remember that the site is being constructed for humans, not bots. It goes without saying that even though it is important to include specific keywords, you also want to impress your customer. Repeating the same keywords repeatedly is likely to drive them away after visiting. What you should do instead is include them in a natural way, without forcefully shoving these keywords through your site.

As long as you continue with these strategies in mind, you are sure to witness growth in your site’s traffic. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the Virtual Image team today.