SEO Report

You may be planning to engage with an agency for SEO of your website to assist in marketing or maybe you’re ahead and already have a search engine optimization agency working on your website to give you a kick. Do you find yourself feeling like you are still not getting love from Google? This could be the urge you needed to revisit your SEO company.

If you’re new to SEO outsourcing, it’s a good idea to acquire some basic knowledge about it so that you can watch out for the warning signs, help you in your negotiations and help your business thrive.

1. The SEO Agency Writes For Search Engines

You want visitors to get to your web page and find user-friendly content that is intended for them. If your SEO company writes keywords stuffed content- this is an issue.

Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization go hand in hand.

A legitimate SEO agency would include the best practices for content marketing in their strategies. Keep in mind however, when the company puts more emphasis on optimization than rich content, that’s a red flag..

2. Concentration on Link Building

Strong links found on high authority websites are still considered because they build trust for your business site. However, Google strongly prohibits link exchange, purchasing links, link schemes that are not natural and poor quality links

Google recommends that you create content that can increase in popularity naturally. Through that, other websites can create relevant and high-quality links to your site. In other words, Google prefers link earning to link building.

In hiring an SEO agency, You should not look to one that focuses entirely on link building.

3. The Company Is Secretive About Their Methods

Asking questions is imperative. You have every right to know what your SEO company is doing with your business site, and most importantly, your money. The agency should be able to explain the techniques and tactics they intend to use for your website.

It’s essential to develop an excellent relationship with the SEO company you hire. That’s because the work they produce can help decide the success or failure of your business. They should provide regular reports on the work they’ve done so far. The company should also give you plans for the next activities.

If an agency doesn’t provide regular in-depth reports, it may be a sign that they have something to hide.

4. Decreasing or Low Website Traffic

Monitoring your organic traffic growth is one of the more crucial methods to measure when you hire an SEO agency. If Google traffic has not increased or the traffic is decreasing, then you need to start asking questions. You can use Google Analytics and similar analytics to check the organic traffic growth on your website.

5. No Convenient Client Support

When working with a good SEO company, they provide excellent customer support. If your SEO firm doesn’t give a quick response to your questions, that’s a hint for a red flag. Ensure that they provide an immediate response and channels through which you can directly get in touch with them.


Out of the many SEO companies out there, you should double-check which ones would be beneficial to your business before entrusting them with the growth of it. If you’ve already hired an SEO company, you can use the list to find out if they’re helping your company or not.

It’s better to take action now, or thousands of dollars could be going down the drain. If in doubt set up a call with us.