instagram feed

Instagram is one of the top social medias today. There are currently 1.4 billion users on the platform, and it shows no sign of slowing down. It is also one of the best social media platforms for growing your business. This can be done using Instagram Insights.


What is Instagram Insights

In short, you can use Instagram Insights to learn more about the audience of your account. You can also view your audience’s engagement with certain posts, stories, reels, or live streams. Learning more about what works is a key factor in taking your brand to the next step. It also gives you an idea of what doesn;t work, so that you can cut back on certain strategies that are harming your growth


Accessing Instagram Insights

Your First step would be to click on the top right corner of your Instagram profile, and to click on ‘Insights’. This will be accessible for anyone that has either a creator account, or a business account.


Features to Pay Attention to

Once you have access to your Instagram Insights, you will have access to a multitude of features. One of these features is called ‘accounts reached’. It allows you to see just who you’re reaching, and how you’re reaching them. This feature displays a breakdown of your followers and unfollowers. It also includes a breakdown of the medium in which your content is being consumed. This is helpful, because it gives you an idea of what works, and what doesn’t

Under the audience tab, you will also have the ability to see who had followed, and unfollowed your account. It’s important to keep track of your growth, and to make sure that you have a positive follower growth rate.

Instagram live Insights is also a section that you should pay attention to. Not only does it show you your total views, it shows you the exact point in which your live stream peaks in viewership. It’s a great way to adjust the timing of your future streams.

Instagram Insights gives you the specifics of website clicks, impressions, profile visits and the general reach of your account.

It is important to remember that Instagram Insights are not rules, but simply guidelines for your business strategy. Using the information acquired from your analytics should simply give you an understanding of what works, so that you can integrate it on your future projects. If you need any assistance with setting up your company’s landing page, please contact our Virtual Image team!