Many businesses have reaped the benefits of content marketing. It’s one of the most effective strategies for increasing your engagement and turning leads into actual clients. Content marketing may sound daunting and challenging, especially with all the white noise in the digital marketing industry. But the main thing to remember is simply pack your content with personality, and you’ll stand out!

People try to relate to other people and will only do business with people they genuinely like. If you post entertaining and relatable content, chances are, you’ll get more clients.

So how can you inject a little more personality into your content? Here are a few tips from Virtual Image to help you out.

Write in the first and second person as much as possible.

When you refer to yourself and your organization as I and We, and your readers as You, you’ll naturally write in a much more friendly, personable tone.

Use the power of nostalgia.

In the marketing world, leveraging the power of nostalgia can work wonders when it comes to provoking an emotional response from your audience. Striking that emotional chord is what marketers aim to do, and nothing does it quite as well as referencing a blast from the past.

Educate your audience.

When writing, it’s always a good idea to give your audience something they can take away from your content. Don’t let them leave without learning anything. You can be both entertaining and educational; they can go hand in hand. 

Make it a habit to do some research on your topic before you start writing. Facts that you want to include will help shape your writing and give you credibility.

Share some of the downs along with the ups.

You should focus on successes more than failures, but it’s those downs that often reveal the most about our character and values — in other words, the real personalities of your organizations. Nobody likes a perfect know-it-all, so why should your organization pretend to be one?

The easiest way to do this is look back to lessons learned from past experiences, where the pain isn’t quite so fresh, and the story doesn’t reflect poorly on work you are doing right now. Self-deprecating humour also works.

Make us laugh (or at least smile).

Being humorous with your content can be great for creating conversations and encouraging positive brand perceptions. The goal is to build relationships and people love having a laugh, so why not use it to your advantage?

When done right, being funny or witty can help your brand in the following ways:

  • It captures audience attention and makes you stand out.
  • It makes your brand more memorable, which increases the likelihood of purchase and/or advocation.
  • It helps connect with your audience by eliciting an emotional response.

Tell more stories.

Use storytelling in your writing to share information and concepts relating to your business in a way that’s memorable. Tell your own business’ story, and use other smaller stories to regularly infuse memorability and fun into your writing. All of it should have a purpose and an end goal – random stories without a point don’t leave an impact.

Adding personality to your content is essential especially in the age of social media. So find yours and let it shine! Contact Virtual Image today if you need help with your digital marketing strategy!