As of 2022, there are currently 217 million daily active users on Twitter. In the past decade, Twitter has established itself as one of the most influential and recognizable social media platforms in the world. While it is common knowledge that people use Twitter to connect with others around the globe, most people look over the fact that it can be beneficial to growing your business. Here are 3 ways in which you can do so.


Use Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards are links that serve as an effective method in increasing your company’s traction. They can be implemented on your company’s site. What separates Twitter cards from regular links is that they can show visual content in contrast to plain text. The more visually appealing your content is, the more likely it is that people will interact with it. There is a great variety when it comes to the types of cards you can use. These include: summary cards, the summary with large image format, player cards, app cards and the cards markup format. It’s a quick and simple way to spread the word of your company, as well as your company’s social media account.


Hashtags and Keywords

When posting content on Twitter, it’s important that you use the right hashtags. Contrary to popular belief, using too many will actually hurt your post’s chances of reaching ideal engagement. 1 to 2 hashtags per tweet is likely to increase your posts engagement by 50%. Using third-party tools can help you determine the popularity of a hashtag before integrating it in your post. Twitter can also help you utilize keywords. Similar to traditional search engines, the use of popular keywords can help your tweets gain traction on the site. As long as you use keywords that are relevant to your business, and integrate them naturally, you’re sure to find success in maximizing the potential of your content.


Interacting With Other Users

The backbone of using Twitter to grow your business is the potential interaction with other successful influencers and businesses. Doing so will increase your follower count, engagement and site traffic. You have the option of either interacting naturally, or paying these influencers to advertise your content. Sponsors and partnerships are both quick ways in increasing your company’s traffic. 

As long as you follow these 3 strategies while using Twitter, it is certain that you’ll see an increase in your company’s success. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the Virtual Image team today.