What is a Landing Page?

To put it simply, a landing page is a standalone web page created for a marketing or ad campaign. The name “landing page” is self explanatory, as it is the first page any visitor would view after clicking an email, ad, or link.

It’s really common for people to confuse landing pages and websites. The main difference between the 2 is the focus. Websites are made so that customers can explore everything your company has to offer. This is why they’re more general.

Landing pages are made with one goal in mind, and that is a call to action.

Landing pages are made so that visiting customers from external web pages can understand the basic concept of your service (reviews, features, etc.)

Landing pages exist because many visitors who view company websites could potentially become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content to choose from.

Using landing pages makes it easier for the consumer, and is also proven to produce more revenue. Using them will likely increase your conversion rate of your products.


What Should My Landing Page Look Like

For every landing page, there is a certain set of criteria that are used to give the website builder a guide.

Every successful landing page gets the fundamentals down.

It’s important to have a selling proposition. This would include the main headline, as well as the secondary headline. Their purpose is to describe exactly what your service provides, in a clear fashion. You also have the option of adding a reinforcing statement to remind the visitor why they would be interested in the product, and a closing statement, to back up the proposition you have created in the first place. UIts purpose would be to give the visitor one last chance to give into your service.

It’s also important to add a visual component to your landing page. It can be a background video or image

Next, be sure to add the benefits/features of your service to the page. Since this is a landing page and not a website, be sure to do so in a simple and easy to comprehend fashion.

The next portion of your landing page that would need to be added is social proof. This includes ratings, customer reviews, and/or quotes from reliable third party sources. Adding social proof is arguably one of the most important aspects of a company’s landing page. Many customers make their decision of a service based on their rating in the market.


What is a Call to Action

The last portion of your landing page that would need to be added is a call to action. It can either be a button that leads the visitor to a registration page, or a form on the landing page designed to be filled in. Regardless, it is what the customer interacts with if they make the decision to proceed with your given service.

As long as you follow these steps, you’re sure to find success in building a landing page. If you need any assistance with setting up your company’s landing page, please contact our Virtual Image team!