The team at Virtual Image executes a multitude of stunning full-scale website design projects on a monthly basis. From expertise in search engine optimization, copywriting, and PPC services, we understand the need to keep things secure when you invest in these websites add ons and projects. Below are three tips on how to keep your WordPress website safe and secure.

Refrain from Downloading Excessive Plugins

Any good website agency will know which plugins are necessary and which ones are not. We make sure any unneeded plugins are removed and the required ones are up to date. By refraining from downloading multiple plugins, you will ensure the back-end of your website remains safe and secure.

Choose a Reputable Hosting Company

When we do our initial consultation with a client, we inquire to see if they already have domain and hosting or if that is something we will take care of. We know which hosting companies are the biggest and most reputable. When you take time researching which hosting company is most reliable, or take the advice of experts, you lessen the likelihood of having hackers or viruses access your sensitive website data through the hosting site.

Protect your Admin Login Details

Many agencies and freelancers keep their client data offline or in data-sensitive management tools. This ensures hackers are unable to access the back-end login information and get into your website. If you are a bigger size business or deal with larger-scale e-commerce, make sure you ask any agencies you work with where they store their sensitive client data and login details.

If you implement these recommendations and practices into your next website project you will feel more confident in maintaining your WordPress website security. If you have any questions or concerns about website development or security, feel free to contact the Virtual Image team today.