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Ingersoll Tillage Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of tillage disc and related products.

The Ingersoll Tillage Group approached the Virtual Image team with the task of upgrading their current web presence to be fully compliant with AODA standards. This ambitious project came with a hard deadline of January 2015, in line with the dates mandated by the government for full accessibility of web pages belonging to large companies.

Project Strategy

There were two main goals which encompassed the bulk of this project. Build out a responsive, AODA compliant design while maintaining and enhancing a clean, modern aesthetic. To achieve these goals, all content needed to be easily navigable by mouse, keyboard, or assistive device and all code required a thorough upgrade to HTML5 standards.

The approach would be multi-step, from design and layout enhancements to content modification and optimization.

Project Strategy

The Process

The first step in the process involved in depth analysis of the current website and content. This exercise allowed our team to parse and condense where appropriate, with an eye for optimal accessibility.

Next, we needed to define specific areas of focus and improvement. As AODA compliance was the major goal, we broke down specific enhancements as follows:

  • Descriptive text included for all visual content (images, icons, logos, video)
  • Alternative formats provided for all video/external documents
  • Strong emphasis on keyboard navigation
  • Text and elements designed in such a way that rendering occurs fluidly and appealingly on all screen sizes and types

With all of the directives fully fleshed out, we were able to begin putting it all together. In this stage, our team set to work creating a streamlined, intuitive experience for all users.

The final step involved a thorough combing over of the new design and content to ensure each and every element conformed appropriately with the standards laid out in the AODA.


Old site


New Site

Where are they now?

Ingersoll Tillage now has a web presence which cohesively represents the brand image of the company, renders beautifully on any screen, and fully complies with legislated accessibility standards.

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