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Oakville Plastic Surgery is one of Ontario’s premier locations for cosmetic surgery. Headed by Dr. Nancy DeKleer, the centre offers professional and affordable cosmetic surgery with an emphasis on client assurance, comfort, and fulfillment.

"Virtual Image has guided us using an amazing array of strategies that have kept us extremely competitive." – Kimberly Poliziani

Oakville Plastic Surgery came to Virtual Image with an exciting digital marketing challenge: to redesign their current website in an effort to reflect the Centre's professional and elegant approach to cosmetic surgery and to improve its rank on search engines. The branding of the Centre needed to be refreshed, the website needed to be more sleek and intuitive, and a new digital marketing strategy was created and implemented. It was time for Virtual Image to perform some cosmetic surgery of our own.

Project Strategy

We knew from the start that this project had to be more than just a website refresh. One of Oakville Plastic Surgery’s main mottos is "The Look You’ve Always Wanted," and we wanted the new website to reflect the confidence that the Centre and all of its employees exhibit on a daily basis. We also wanted to optimize the website content with the proper SEO to help improve its rank on search engines. With these three distinct characteristics in mind--confidence, elegance, and professionalism--we got to work.

Project Strategy

The Process

After the initial consultation, the digital marketing campaign was broken up into three stages. In addition to the responsive website redesign, we needed to enhance the website's SEO, and also update the Centre's Google PPC campaigns.

User Experience and Information Architecture

User Experience and Information Architecture were the initial goals of the website redesign. We created an in-depth sitemap outlining the existing Oakville Plastic Surgery website. We knew that we would have to simplify the website's structure if we were to achieve the level of simplicity and sleekness that we were aiming for. We cut, combined, and updated pages until we had a new sitemap that met our standards.

Our next step focused entirely on website layout, with an emphasis on responsive web design. We wire-framed the various page layouts that would appear in the finished website. The wireframes included layouts for the home page, procedure landing pages, and procedure details pages. We ensured that the new website would function optimally on all platforms, including desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone devices.

User Experience

Web Design

Once our sitemap and wireframes had been completed, we started designing the website. Even with our goals of sleekness and simplicity in mind, we knew that brand consistency was of utmost importance. People had to know that they were on Oakville Plastic Surgery’s website as soon as they visited the home page and even before they saw the Centre's logo.

We chose a colour scheme that was stylish, chic, and cleaner than the existing website. We utilized flat colours and large, high-resolution imagery to emphasize modernity and simplicity. An icon-based call-to-action (CTA) to book a consultation directly from the procedure pages was also designed to simplify the user's experience.

Web Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Simplifying and enhancing the website's structure not only influenced the aesthetics of the website, but it also played a large role in improving its Search Engine Optimization. We needed to place Oakville Plastic Surgery above the competition both in terms of audience appeal and search engine ranking. The website could now be indexed better by search engines. We also updated the website's content in an effort to increase search engine readability and keyword optimization.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

We needed to ensure that Oakville Plastic Surgery appeared at the top of search engine results pertaining to their industry and their surgical and non-surgical procedures. In order to achieve this, we had to rely on more than just SEO. A Search Engine Marketing campaign was established to help the Centre rise above the competition.

Various, procedure-specific, Google Ad campaigns were created to ensure that all of Oakville Plastic Surgery’s primary services were prominent in search engine results. Landing pages were created to guide anyone who clicked on one of these advertisements to the appropriate service or procedure on the Centre's website. Conversion tracking was established to monitor the success rate of each campaign, and ad testing was utilized to see which ads were attracting the largest amount of attention.


Where are they now?

"Thanks to Virtual Image, we always feel that we are one step ahead, taking the guesswork out of our marketing." - Kimberly Poliziani

Today, Oakville Plastic Surgery is one of Ontario’s premier locations for cosmetic surgery. The Centre's website continues to stand out among the competition and attract people of all ages. Oakville Plastic Surgery can be found at the top of search engine results for all of their main surgical and non-surgical procedures and services. Click here to check out Oakville Plastic Surgery's new website!

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