Content Management Systems

Simple or Complete. The Choice is Yours.

Many clients today have the desire to edit their websites without requiring the help of their website provider. These edits range from simple text editing to adding full, complex pages to the structure of the website. Virtual Image has met these desires by providing all clients with both simple, user-friendly CMS systems and complete, enterprise-level CMS solutions such as Joomla and WordPress. Our Simple CMS system allows clients to make basic page updates without having to take a class to learn how to do so.

Content Management Systems


Websites built with WordPress give clients the flexibility to add, update, and edit content within their site, as they see fit, without needing to have any knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other programming languages. However, with responsive web design being the new standard in web design technology, clients do need to have an understanding of page structure to ensure that pages built or edited in WordPress remain responsive and do not break the layout of the website.

WordPress Benefits

  • Easy-to-use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) functionality
  • A large variety of plug-ins for extended functionality
  • Cost Effective Ecommerce solutions
  • Access to a large community of developers
  • Simple maintenance procedures (depending on the scope of the website)

CMS Caveats

  • Plug-in conflicts
  • Regular updates can cause website errors
  • High learning curve for all but the tech savvy
  • Costly maintenance when plug-in conflicts arise
  • More vulnerable to intrusions

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