Web Marketing

Website Marketing

Creating an Effective Website

Determine the purpose of the site: Is the goal of the site to for online product sales, supporting of offline product sales, to announce product or service information, to provide sales lead generation, or technical information?

Determine the Target Market(s): It is important to identify specifically who it is that you want to find your site, what they will be expecting to see and how they will prefer to order or respond to your Web Site advertisement.

Locate a Web Site Design and Promotion firm: If you do not have the expertise in house to write and create a Web Site that is both aesthetically pleasing and technically correct, employ the services of a reputable company such as Virtual Image. Equally as important as creating the appearance of the site is the unseen coding and structure used "behind the scene" so it may be found and placed highly on a Search Engine results.

Decide on the Content of your Site: Considerations include Interactive Pages that encourage a reply, static pages that make information available to visitors such as 'About Your Company and or products & Services, Information related to your customer/clients needs, Pricing, E-mail Response, Order Forms, Blogs, User forums, News Letter or FAQ's and Links to Other Sites.

Select and register your Domain Name: ( i.e. www.yourname.com ) Domain names can be registered through a number of different registrars. Yearly fees run about $20 - $35. While we do not offer Domain registration services, Virtual Image regularly assists clients in selecting and procuring domain names as an added value service.

Select a Host for your Web Site: Once the site is designed a Web Hosting Service will be required to store your Web Site. Please visit our web hosting page for rates and information.

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