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Smart digital marketing drives results. Creative web design turns heads. At Virtual Image, we are the experts your business needs. We are a tight-knit team of award-winning digital marketers and web designers in business for more than 20 years.

We are relentless about getting it right, making it easier for your customers to find you online, and for your business to convert those visitors into leads. We cover the entire digital marketing process, but at Virtual Image, we are passionate about so much more.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click Marketing With Proven Results

PPC advertising allows you to pay for top positions on search engines. A Google Partner, we help you set realistic and data-driven goals. Relevant, intelligently targeted PPC campaigns will get you there.

  • Leverage Google Ads (the most popular PPC advertising system in the world) to create ads that show up.
  • Uncover keywords that target your audience.
  • Measure each campaign and keyword for effectiveness.
  • Identify optimal media channels to pursue, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media advertising such as Facebook.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Rise To The Top Of Search Engine Results

SEO requires a clear roadmap to allow your business to stand out. Virtual Image has decades of experience on the leading edge of the constant algorithmic changes driving SEO requirements.

  • Increase organic results (organic traffic is the stuff you don’t have to pay for).
  • Audit your site to improve page ranking.
  • Update content and links to remain relevant.
  • Monitor technical and structural industry changes to help you adapt to new SEO tactics.


Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Which Platforms Are For You?

Social media is today’s communication powerhouse. By some estimates, more than 300 million consumers a day interact on social media. It’s about full-time, full-scale engagement.

  • Develop strategy for your long-term marketing goals.
  • Create clear, consistent branding across all your social media channels.
  • Publish, monitor and maintain original, engaging content.
  • Build relationships with social media influencers.
  • Keep you current on new social media tools and features.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Market To People Who Matter

Email is a cornerstone of direct marketing and e-commerce. Cultivate relationships with potential customers, update the ones you have, and target new audiences through email marketing.

  • Create personalized, dynamic, responsive email campaigns.
  • Build customer profiles based on email data.
  • Integrate email marketing into your social network campaigns.
  • Analyze open rates and click-through rates to monitor and measure your campaign’s success.


Our clients are loyalists. Boasting a retention rate of more than 94 percent, Virtual Image has helped hundreds of businesses look better online, increase website traffic, and harness social media. Our husband-and-wife team, Jim and Claire Nicholson, grew the business from a home-based startup, to a Hamilton-based Digital Marketing Agency filled with super-smart, tech-savvy, marketing, design and development pros who make it all flow.

Virtual Image offers a complete menu of design and development services for businesses throughout southern Ontario and beyond. Though our reach is global, our roots are local. We craft customer experiences and forge business bonds that feel like family. Partner with Virtual Image and thrive online.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Today’s digital marketing is synonymous with innovation. Our services enhance your online presence and increase your website's profitability. Without limiting the scope and the opportunity of what today’s digital ecosystem offers, digital marketing helps generate leads and build brand awareness using websites, social media, search engine rankings, email marketing and online advertising.

Strong digital marketing uses measurable analytics to target weaknesses and to improve performance across digital devices and platforms. We leverage pay-per-click marketing, search engine marketing, Google Ads management, website design and development, and e-commerce website creation to make the most of your business dollar.