Mobile Web Design

Website Optimization for Smartphones

In recent years mobile web browsing has experienced exponential growth the likes of which have not been seen since the introduction of the World Wide Web. Industry analysts are suggesting that by 2015 Mobile Browsing will make up 50% of all Internet browsing! With current online statistics indicating 40% or more mobile browsing for consumer products and services, reaching 50% mobile browsing by 2015 is realistic.

Mobile Web Design

How Large is the Mobile Market?

In Canada there are:

  • 28.4 million estimated wireless phone subscribers
  • An estimated 19.3 million Smartphone subscribers

In Ontario there are:

  • 11.0 million estimated wireless phone subscribers
  • An estimated 7.5 million Smartphone subscribers

Mobile Turns Responsive

The Tablet Device followed the introduction of the Smartphone by a couple of years. Since its introduction, the Tablet Device has become the device of choice around the home, in retail shops & restaurants as well as in designer show rooms and real estate sales offices. No longer do we need to go to a desk to use a laptop or desktop computer, we simply carry a tablet to access websites, pdfs, sample galleries, listings and more.

With the addition of the tablet device, the browsing experience was not optimal. The desktop website was too large to display correctly and the mobile website was too small. Enter Responsive Websites. A Responsive website detects the device being used to browse the internet and adjusts the text, images and navigation to display great on all devices.

To learn more about Responsive Websites, please visit our Responsive Web Design page.

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