Responsive Website Design Portfolio

Fully Scalable Websites For Desktops, Tablets & Smartphones

Responsive Web Design uses a variety of design principles to ensure that a high-quality web browsing experience is delivered to the user no matter how large or small their display. A Responsive Website will intuitively resize and re-scale in order to properly fit the resolution of the viewer's device. An easy way to tell if a website is using a responsive design is by clicking and dragging one side of your browser window across to make it smaller. If the website is responsive, you will see it resize and reorganize itself to fit the screen. Give it a try on the websites featured below!

Virtual Image understands the importance of a user-friendly website regardless of the device used. Using our in-house capabilities and our professional designers, we will ensure that your website is fully functional on all web-browsing platforms. We offer two different options for mobile browsing: an individually crafted Mobile Website designed for touch screen navigation that scales to the device, or a Responsive Website that automatically adjusts to Smartphone, Tablet, or Desktop devices. Recently, Responsive Web Design has become the preferred option given its universal usability. See below for some examples of Virtual Image Responsive Websites.

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