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Managed pay per click marketing campaigns with quantifiable results

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns such as Google AdWords can be used to help drive potential customers to your website. PPC campaigns allow your business to stand out among the millions of searches that are conducted online each day through the use of optimized keyword lists.

Virtual Image offers professional, Google Qualified, PPC marketing for all of our clients. Through advanced techniques such as structured campaign management, keyword research and optimization, negative keyword identification, and enhanced regional targeting, Virtual Image provides its customers with the highest quality of PPC options and Google AdWords optimization.

How Does PPC Work?

When a Google search is conducted, keywords are typed by the user into the search engine. Google’s web-crawling system then scans billions of websites in search of these specific keywords. Once the web-crawling is complete, Google displays the results to the user. Websites that have established a relevant and an optimized list of keywords will be placed near the top of Google’s search engine results. Google AdWords takes this process a step further by placing an advertisement for your website either above or beside the top search results, regardless of website optimization. With the help of AdWords, and an established list of relevant keywords, any and every website has the ability to rise to the top of Google’s search engine results.

Managed PPC Services Provided

  • Increase Your Sales or Leads
  • Receive Measurable Results
  • Eliminate Wasted Spend
  • Google Certified Partners
  • No Contracts
  • Weekly Monitoring

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Preliminary Consultation

Once a decision has been made and Virtual Image has been given the green light to establish a PPC campaign, Virtual Image will meet with you to discuss various Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies and establish a suitable AdWords campaign that will meet your needs, expectations, budget, and aspirations. Virtual Image will also learn as much information about your services, products, and target demographics as possible in order create a specific, relevant, and highly-optimized PPC campaigns.

Account Set-up

When setting up your AdWords account, Virtual Image will develop keyword lists and create landing pages in order to produce the highest Click Through Rate (CTR) and visitor conversion. Virtual Image uses professional PPC marketing techniques in order to attract the highest number of visitors to the client’s website, and, in turn, convert these visitors into paying customers. Virtual Image also offers a $100 Google credit to start your AdWords campaign off on the right foot.

Keyword Research

One of the most important elements of a successful PPC campaign is a highly optimized list of keywords. By researching a client’s services, products, and target demographics, Virtual Image can create a relevant list of keywords that places the client’s website at the top of Google’s search results, thus ensuring an optimal Click Through Rate (CTR) and an increase in revenue for the client.

Negative Keyword Identification

Another important aspect of a successful PPC campaign is establishing a list of negative keywords. Negative keyword identification is used to eliminate the possibility of any unwanted click-throughs by search engine users. An example of an unwanted click-through would be if a visitor in search of a review of a specific product was sent through Google to a client’s official website that sells that specific product. In this scenario, the keyword “review” is a negative keyword since product reviews are not available on the client’s website. Virtual Image will prevent any unwanted impressions and click-throughs by establishing a high-quality negative keyword identification system on the client’s website.

Local, National, and Worldwide Targeting

PPC campaigns can also target specific regions, whether local, national, or worldwide, in order to increase the optimization of the campaign and eliminate any unwanted and non-profitable attention towards the client’s products and services. This feature is extremely beneficial for smaller-scale businesses that work on a local or semi-local basis. As an example, Virtual Image can tailor a client’s PPC campaign to ensure that their advertisement is featured on Google when accessed within the Hamilton, Burlington, and Ancaster regions, but not when Google is accessed around the general Toronto area (GTA).

Weekly Monitoring

When running a PPC campaign, Virtual Image performs weekly monitoring process on all aspects of the campaign. During this process, Virtual Image will inspect and analyze AdWords performance, keyword lists, Click Through Rate (CTR), and the average number of impressions over a weekly period of time for each campaign. The results from this monitoring will then be used to optimize the client’s PPC campaign even more-so, ensuring that their campaign receives the highest quality clicks at the lowest possible price.

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