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A responsive website is a website that automatically scales to fit the size (resolution) of the screen that the viewer is using. Whether the website is viewed using a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop, it will always appear to have been designed and developed to fit the device's specific resolution. In short, the website responds to your device.

Today with more than half of all online searches conducted on smartphones and tablets, responsive websites are popular in all market sectors. Consumers use smartphones and tablets to find retail shops and buy online, while professionals use mobile devices for research and to confirm supplier information.

Responsive Web Design


Your site will take full advantage of your computer's processing power by utilizing advanced programming and large imagery.



When on a tablet, your website will be slightly smaller in size, but it will still look just as nice as it did on your desktop monitor.



Smartphone browsing will dynamically modify your website's content so that it is fully optimized for all mobile screen sizes.

How Large is the Mobile Market?

In Canada:

  • There are 29.4 million estimated wireless phone subscribers
  • More than 68% of these are smartphone users

In Ontario:

  • There are 11 million estimated wireless phone subscribers
  • 41% of the Canadian mobile phone market is concentrated here

How Does A Responsive Website Benefit You?

Since a responsive website allows your website to reflect aesthetic and industry professionalism on any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop device, only one website needs to be created. This means that you are able to save time and money by only having one website designed and developed as opposed to the three or more websites that you would need to create without a Responsive Design. This also means that keeping your website content up-to-date is much faster and much more cost effective since updates only have to be made in one location.

Responsive designs can also be used to detect a user's device capabilities in order to alter the website's viewing experience and level of interactivity, such as enabling swiping and tilt features. Therefore, by having a responsive website, you are able to offer your users and your clients a higher quality browsing experience that is tailored to their specific viewing needs.

Experience the Difference

To experience the difference that a responsive web design makes, please visit our Responsive Website Design Portfolio and browse our websites. Don't forget to visit the websites on multiple devices to see how a responsive Ddsign can adapt to any resolution and device.

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