Search Engine Optimization

Rise to the Top of Search Engine Results

It has never been more important to have a well optimized web presence. If you are not taking the proper steps to make your site useful, informative and search engine friendly, it simply will not rank organically. Virtual Image has decades of experience staying on top of the constant algorithmic changes which drive SEO requirements. There is an extensive list of steps which must be taken in order to rank organically, and therefore be seen by current and potential clients. From Technical and Structural on-page requirements, to Social and Relational drivers, Virtual Image has your SEO needs covered.


A Comprehensive Approach


Quality content is key. Well researched copy which incorporates key words and phrases while directly answering user questions and needs is ideal.


The framework of a site includes its structure, responsiveness, speed and security. An intelligently laid out site which loads quickly and functions properly on any device will perform better than one which does not.


There are several important on-page elements which should be optimized. These include content with relevant titles, headings and descriptions. Avoiding keyword stuffing and deceptive content which does not contribute to the end user experience is also crucial.


Many factors impact trust levels for a site. These include obvious things like a site’s longevity, security protocol and ad density. Other important considerations are user engagement (bounce rate) and whether a site is considered an authority in its field.


The nature and quality of backlinks to a site carry significant weight. Quality, topical backlinks which incorporate relevant text are best. A site will be penalized for spammy and/or paid backlinks.


The personal attributes of a particular user will also influence rank. Is the user local, regionally or nationally, to the same area as the site or business? Does the user have a history of visiting the site or interacting socially with its content?


The social reputation and presence or a site or brand will also have an impact on its overall rank. Is page content being shared by respected sources? Content which is shared and engaged with widely will have more weight.

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