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Website Marketing

Simple Ways To Attract Traffic to Your Web Site

Great Content & Writing - Ensure that your website is both informative and that the content is written to be found: A Web Site must be found and ranked highly in Search Engines to be included in the results and ultimately generate traffic. It is key to make sure that the content being searched upon is found in your site. By utilizing specific techniques during the writing of valuable content and coding of each page of the site to be search engine friendly; greater results will be achieved.

Let the World Know - Submit to Search Engines and Directories: Direct submission to Search Engines and Directories allows the "robots" or "spiders" to target the site and to include it in their search index so that it can be found by potential customers.

Keep it Fresh - Update regularly: Fresh or regularly updated and useful information within your site will give your potential customers reasons to revisit your site frequently and can boost your rank with the search Engines. The idea is to attract "Settlers" and not just "Surfers".

Provide Value - Free & valuable information: This will encourage not only goodwill, but excellent word of mouth advertising as one "Settler" suggests your site to another as being worthy of frequent visits.

Links - Provide Links to other sites: Your target market will be interested in viewing more related but non competing Web Sites. This will further enhance the value of your Web Site offering yet another reason for potential customers to bookmark your site.

Request Links - Links to your site from other relevant sites will naturally bring more visitors from your target audience and further boost your ranking with the Major Search Engines. The more ways people have of finding you, the more profitable your site is likely to be.

Spend a Buck - Pay Per Click and Banner Advertising: These are another couple of options that can be very effective for driving traffic. It is very important to monitor traffic and spend diligently to maximize "bang for buck". Per-cost methods of advertising are particularly important when there is a lot of competition and when selling commodities online. Given the costs associated, it is best suited to sites that appeal to a large market of potential customers.

Blow Your Horn - Advertise your Web Site: on all printed promotional material. As obvious as this may sound, many companies have neglected to include this information on their business cards, letterhead, yellow pages, mailers, etc. Don't forget to add your website address to any promotional items such as pens, t-shirts and give-a-ways. It is much easier to remember a website address than a phone number.

Remind your Audience - Write a News Letter and publish it as frequently as possible: Monthly New Letters distributed by E-mail to those visitors to who subscribe and have requested this service is an ideal way to keep your products and services on their minds. The Newsletter should inform and educate while promoting the sale of your products and services. Offering archived back issues of your News Letter can also help identify those potential customers that are really interested in what you have to offer.

Interact & Track - Encourage a Response and follow up: Response forms are great for building a potential customer list and for making it easier for customers to request and obtain more information. This will also assist in identifying the Internet market your site is attracting. Review all logs and analytics to see what is working.

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